My story

I live on the coast near Melbourne. I grew up on a farm. There were apple orchards and cows. I had a pony called Frisco and a cat called Smokey.

I have always liked drawing.

I studied art at the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne completing a BA in Fine Arts majoring in painting. I now work as an illustrator.

I draw, paint and make products big and small. I enjoy doing projects for kids and things for your home and wellbeing. I get inspiration from my surroundings and my son Clint.

Thank you

Thank you to the guys at Univers for making this website into a reality.

Big thanks also to all the photographers who have taken the amazing photos: Albert Comper, John Gollings, Shannon Mc Grath, Fraser Marsden, Miyuki Mardon, Dan Magree and Martin Mischkulnig.

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